The Shocker 08.31.2012

Inspired by Steel Panther I felt rather creative ;)

The Shocker. A musical explanation or you'd rather read..

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Thank you Lord for this day 07.24.2012

Thank you Lord

People don't think about what they say. I can imagine that it feels good to think that somewhere out there a supreme being actually cares for little old you, but indirectly, you are also cool with other people being treated with the utmost cruelty.

So do you really think God wanted to provide you with nice sunny weather on your day out, while he seemingly allows countless of women being tortured and raped in other countries?

Do you really believe God has the power to make the universe conspire into making you pass your test, get that job and get that pay raise, while he seemingly allows countless children to starve to death?

Please don't hide behind "free will" and "it is up to us as a people to treat eachother better" because that does nothing to address the ultimate question "Do you believe God had actively anything to do with your life?" because that would also mean that God has an active role in the lives of others. Those others who get raped, mugged, murdered or born with defects long before they could actually have an effect on this earth, where was God in their lives?

You've guessed it "God works in mysterious ways" is not an answer.

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Having a religion is 07.19.2012

Having a religion is kind of like having a penis: It can be nice to have, but not so good to shove it down a child's throats.

... You might want to wait a while before the kid can actually make up his/her own mind whether or not s/he likes pen.. uhm, religion

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Entertainment funding science and technology? 07.11.2012

I've been re-watching StarTrek: Voyager and I keep wondering why we can't work toward a society that places more importance on discovering and developing lasting improvements to our quality of living instead of putting the emphasis on fleeting short sighted moments of personal entertainment.

That said, I thought it might be interesting to put some things side by side regarding entertainment v.s. science & technology resource wise and the results were.. interesting.


A father's open letter to God 04.19.2012

Dear God,

I've been a father for roughly two years now. My life has gone through a lot of changes. Seeing my daughter grow up, seeing this awesome little person develop right in front of my eyes is such a privilege. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to spend as much time with her as I get to do.

I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to be a hands-on father. To actively be involved in the life of my child. To teach her not just the "facts" of life, but to equip her with the skills needed to discover this amazing world for herself.

I've spent many nights sleeping with her next to me, or even just a stolen moment holding her in my arms thinking about the future. I can't imagine ever beating my child or abuse her in any other way. Although, sometimes, she can be a hand full and yes, she does get me to reach my boiling points at times, but I can physically feel sick thinking about not having her in my life anymore. To imagine she might get terminally ill and that she might eventually die, is almost too much to bare.

Obviously I want the best for my child, I love her, I want her to live her life to the fullest, giving her as much as I'm able to. Even at my own expense.

I want to teach her that I don't have all the answers. I want to teach her that she needs to go and verify things I tell her, don't just take my word for anything. I'd like to expose her to as much information as possible. Have her read about, listen to and be around different kinds of people with different ideas. I want her childhood to be as care-free as possible so she is free to live life as a child to the fullest extent. I want to let her know that growing up doesn't mean she needs to suppress her inner child. I want to stimulate and nurture her innate creative and inquisitive nature.

At least, that's what I think it means to properly raise and father a child.

I think this is also why I can't, for the life of me, see how Your behavior is in any way becoming of a father. You teach your children they should never question You, stating that Your will and rules are absolute. You teach them they should keep to their own kind and if they say they like another father better, kill them. You promote the restriction of information and have your children be ignorant so they are ready to make mistake upon mistake, for what reason? You have had to punish Your children several times throughout history by drowning them, inflicting diseases or sending wildlife to end their lives. You have constructed a torture chamber for your unruly children to have them experience pain for eternity, for simply not believing in You. Unfathomable to me is also the situation where You have sent down Your son as a sacrifice for a mess You have created.

In closing, I'm not quite sure how righteous or just I am, but I am sure I will -never- sacrifice my daughter to right a mistake I have made.

I would sooner give my own life and end my existence than see hers endangered.


P.S. Feel free to reply in any way You see fit..

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